Karen’s Boutique Critique Service


Very soon, Karen will be opening up Karen’s Boutique Critique Service for new clients. If you need a set of professional eyes to look over your picture book manuscript, aren’t sure if you’re heading in the right direction or want one final critique from someone in the business before you press SEND, then Karen’s Boutique Critique is just what you need.

In a similar manner to The Picture Book Place posts, Karen will deconstruct your manuscript into its elements and provide constructive feedback on where things work and where they don’t. You’ll receive a full written report with each critique that will guide you as you revise and polish your picture book manuscript for publication. During the time Karen is working on your manuscript, you will also be able to have a 30-minute conversation about your picture book via phone or Skype, at a mutually agreeable time.

**Please note: Due to Karen’s busy schedule as a writer, teacher, volunteer and mum, she will only be accepting 2 new clients each month.  Fill out the form below to register your interest!

Here’s everything you need to know:


$200 per picture book manuscript payable via Direct Deposit or PayPal.

What you get:

A thorough manuscript assessment, similar in style to the posts on The Picture Book Place. You will also get a 30-minute phone or Skype chat about your manuscript and suggestions for improving your picture book.

Please note the following details:

  • Manuscripts must be under 800 words.
  • All submissions must be via email and sent either as a Word document or PDF.
  • Payment must be made before Karen commences the manuscript assessment.
  • The manuscript assessment is completed in good faith, drawing on Karen’s years of experience as a picture book writer. It is one opinion only, however, and does not necessarily guarantee the client’s manuscript will be accepted for publication at a publishing house.
  • Karen does not provide recommendations or referrals to publishers, editors or agents but she will celebrate wildly with you when you get your first acceptance email.

To register your interest, simply fill in the Contact Form below and Karen will be in touch!




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